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Ace of Spades is not only a Motorhead classic. It’s also one of the best Imperial IPA’s we known. This massive beer, brewed by Hopworks Urban Brewery, is a true American cult classic. Ace of Spades is brewed with lots of organic NW hops. Expect big citrus and hop aroma’s. Clean and crisp with a bitter finish and warmth because of the high abv.

This is not all. We can get our hands on Sunset Fuel; the newest brew from the rotating hazy series. Citra, El Dorado and Eukanot hops give this beer a lot of passionfruit. The drinkability is surpreme. Strawberry Haze Forever is a subtle hopped Hazy IPA, brewed with a lot of strawberries. You can have these beers, plus many more, in your warehouse in October.

Interest? Let us know: info@usaber.nl.