Ashland, Oregon

A Johnny Cash record echoes through the Caldera brewery. The DJ at play is Jim Mills. The scene is a typical one. The owner and brewmaster could be called eccentric. Jim sets his own course and this results in, besides great music, iconic beers. The Porters, Ambers and IPAs have gained much appreciation worldwide. These successes have not tempted Jim to increase his production though. Focussing on the beers is considered far more important than increasing sales.

Caldera is the first craft brewery on the West Coast to single-handedly bottle its beers in cans. There are various reasons for this. Beer oxidizes less easily in cans because sunlight is excluded. Cans are less heavy to carry, don’t break and keep the beer cool for a longer period of time. Moreover, cans are one hundred percent recyclable. More and more American breweries are following Caldera’s lead and start bottling in cans.


We can ship the beers from Caldera direct to your warehouse. Interested? Let us know: info@usabeer.nl. We are happy to make you an offer.