Ex Novo and Migration

Terug naar nieuws

Dear friends. We have some great news for you. Two world class breweries from Portland (USA) will enter The Netherlands for the first time: Ex Novo and Migration.

No doubt that Ex Novo is brewing awesome beers, given the scores on Untappd and the results at international beer festivals. Ex Novo has more ambitions than making beautiful beers only. The brewery strives for a better society. For this reason, 100% of profits are donated to international charities. All this under the motto: Drink Beer, Do Good. We bring in six beautifull beers from Ex Novo.

Migration Brewing Company is the success story of four friends who follow their passion; a good glass of beer plus all the fun this creates. In 2010, this passion led to the opening of a brewpub in the American beer mecca of Portland. The self-brewed beers were soon praised, what leads to a serious distribution in a number of American states, Thailand, Japan and, since today, The Netherlands. Migration now has several brewpubs, a big brewery and a crowded prize cabinet.

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