“The taste has all kinds of friends with cherries, berries, stone fruit and apples. There is light tartness and lots of funk with wine overtones. Nice!”

2018 Four Hands

Type: Saison


2018 Four Hands is the second vintage of the gewürztraminer laden collaboration with John House of Ovum Wines. The grapes were fermented along with the wort right off the bat, allowing that microflora to flourish and co-ferment with the house saison yeasts to create a unique profile featuring classic gewürztraminer notes.
The Four Hands is well conditioned prior to release, allowing the tannic structure to integrate with the rest of the beer and ultimately yielding a wonderful, tart, fruit laden saison.


Alcohol percentage: 9,5
Verpakking: bottle 37,5 cl
Brouwerij: Upright

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