Type: Specials


Kopstootje is a beer we’ve done draft only on occasion since 2011, beginning as a collaboration project with Jacob Grier. He approached us with the idea of producing a beer formulated to pair with the Dutch national spirit, genever, and we put together a unique recipe starting with a bière de garde but incorporating many grains and spices commonly found in genever. This release is the first time the beer has been bottled, but it also differs from previous batches in that it’s aged entirely in local vermouth barrels, lending a wonderful floral aroma while oak tannin and light fruit notes of rose and strawberry land on the palate. The spices in the beer have softened over the aging process, making for an elegant profile that still shows an edge with pleasant acidity and a very dry finish.


Alcohol percentage: 7
Verpakking: bottle 37,5 cl
Brouwerij: Upright

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